trend report March, 2018 for retail partners

"I found it to be an invaluable tool for better understanding what toys and playthings children (not their parents) currently see as having the greatest value." Richard Gottlieb, Global Toy Expert

We believe in small businesses and retailers, and are proud to help foster your growth and innovation. We are a small business ourselves, so we understand the value that your businesses can provide. Therefore, we are happy to offer you this special discounted pricing. This custom link will allow you to download the trends and insights report at a significantly reduced rate in order to help your business grow.

Report Overview

Kids aged 4-19 spend $1.95 billion of their own money each year. But in can be difficult to understand their interests without relying on parental memory, investing in costly focus groups, or attempting to filter out what was influenced by mom's biases.  This report offers a peek into what kids aged 5-16 are willing to purchase with their own money, by utilizing our proprietary app that helps them earn their own money at home and prioritize their own spending decisions. When kids spend mom or dad’s money, their wants can be over-abundant. But when they have to work for their dollars, their choices become more focused and truer to their real interests and desires.

This report includes proprietary, anonymous and aggregated data, collected from over 3500 kids between the ages of 5-16 using our personal earning and finance tool with parental permission. The information has been collected 2015-Q1 2018.

Fourteen categories are included in this report to give you a picture of what each age group finds the  most appealing and how their opinions and priorities change as they age. The categories include toys; games & cards; electronics; movies, music, & books; experiences; apparel & shoes; arts & crafts; build & construct; dolls & action figures; make-up, hair, & accessories; apps & video games; pets; sporting goods; and treats.

The report covers the interest level by age, how interests change over time, most referenced brands, and outgoing, current and incoming trends across 6 of the most quickly changing categories.  

This report not only focuses on age, but also on gender differences, and the categories where there is the most discrepancy of interest, highlighting those differences.
The report will give you a snapshot of how this group becomes aware of products, and the channels where they decide to put an item on their wish list, common ways kids earn money, as well as the typical price point of wanted items, by gender.

If you are a marketer, retail owner or buyer, this report can help you understand what
is changing in the minds of kids ages 5-16 and help you get a better picture of the opportunities to create goods they truly want.

All proceeds help fund our classroom programs in schools across the US, as well as development of our financial education tools.

"I strongly believe we need to teach our children money skills at a younger age and have hosted in store classes with great success. In studying this market and attempting to provide more kids access to learning these skills, we found the Quest To Clean Up App by Fam-ess. This App allows both parents and kids in tandem to learn the basic building blocks to a brighter financial future. We also value the data generated from the App to guide us on trends and what kids value in terms of products,prices and priorities. Truly a win win for kids, parents and our retail toy business."  Richard Derr (aka The Toy Man), Learning Express Toys