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Our social mission is to teach folks about the impacts of their wants and purchases to help foster financial discipline and planning.

Our goal is to create tools that provide guidance to help keep others out of debt, but that mission is not inexpensive, so we need the help of financial institutions and manufacturers to help fund it.

So, while our app is providing valuable money lessons to our front end users, we collect anonymous and aggregated data about the wants and wishes of users, and we share that information with manufacturers and retailers, while protecting the privacy of all individuals and families.

why we do it

We use a proprietary customer information system to collect anonymous and aggregated data directly from folks from ages 3-63 to share actionable insights that help manufacturers and retailers drive planning decisions.

Our mobile app provides great value on the front end, to help teach financial discipline and promote financial health and knowledge long before users find themselves in financial difficulties.

While we collect data, we value privacy and do not share any information without consent, nor do we ever share any information about specific individuals. We only share what large groups are doing at any given time, as trend analysis and product interest across categories and groups.

Contact us for more details about trending products or to conduct a primary survey with kids ages 3-15:

We provide insights and actionable data to help manufacturers and retailers determine pre-purchase intentions, behaviors and attitudes about products using anonymous and aggregated data from our financial discipline tool used at home with parental consent.

We can segment that information by age, gender and region and can also key in on specific skus, as well as track larger trends overtime across categories for more informed decisions.  

We offer categorical /generalized and brand-specific reports and customized dashboards to showcase information and insights.

we uncover insights about what
products are really valued by evaluating what groups are willing to work for