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We empower people to stay out of debt by helping them determine if what they want is worth working for, and then provide access to places to earn more in ways they really enjoy, for the things the really want. We are changing the way people budget and think about their two most important assets, time and money.

We are Fam-ess, which means that we believe family should come first; you should earn always, save often and spend wisely. But that is not always easy to do.

75% of American families live paycheck to paycheck and 25% have no savings at all. But it isn’t necessarily their fault.
We are not taught personal finance or money discipline until it is too late, and in some cases, are never taught at all.

So, we create tools for use at home and in schools that help users translate their wants into the effort required to earn them, while understanding the impact of their buying decisions on their finances and schedule. Our tools establish financial discipline to help folks side step debt landmines as their wants compound over time, while providing access to ways to increase their income in ways that work with their interests and schedules.
These tools follow users throughout their working life as a platform for every financial and employment decision, specific to their unique needs and wants in life.