Our in-classroom programs overlay personal finance lessons about earning, saving, spending and making real world decisions around buying insurance and paying bills, on top of economic studies that helps kids understand different ways to make money like working for a company or creating one of their own, and the pros and cons of each avenue. These programs help set the foundation about finances to help prepare kids for the world of money that lies ahead of them, because forming a good money habit early on, is much easier than breaking a bad money habit later in life.

Our first app, Quest to Clean Up (for kids ages 3-15), helps kids understand the value of earning, saving and giving, and how to make decisions about what they want to buy based on their willingness to work for it.

To sign up for our new app for ages 16-63, which will help you stay out of debt by helping you manage your time and money, and wants vs. needs, and then providing you access to places to earn more in ways you really enjoy, for the things the really want,  sign up using this form.

At home, we help instill the discipline of not spending more than you make, and provide a tool to help shoppers convert prices into the effort required to actually afford the item. We also provide lessons about money concepts so that parents can have conversations with their kids, in a language that the kids can understand.  Click here to learn more about Quest to Clean Up and download for FREE.

If your corporation or organization would like to sponsor an in classroom program in your area, please click here to contact us to get more information.

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For schools, we offer a FREE curriculum to help teach kids about earning wages, applying for jobs, making spending decisions, paying bills, buying insurance and even investing (for older groups). Our mobile app and desktop app allows students to track their earnings for classroom jobs or with a classroom business and help them understand personal finance choices and concepts long before ever going off to college or getting their first job.

Our hope is that these concepts will stick for a lifetime and help them avoid some of the financial pitfalls that are so common.
Educators: click here to learn more about our in-classroom study and how you can get the curriculum for FREE.