personal finance
earning wages, paying bills, buying insurance, making informed choices

Guided reflection to help create connections

Real-world simulation

Decision-making and critical thinking exercises

program focus

analyzing the market, ideation, research, prototyping, pitching

From individualized classroom projects for economics, to philanthropy or entrepreneurship programs, we build a hands-on learning experience using National standards. Your students will not only understand the content, but will remember it for a lifetime.

types of jobs, taxes, government, trade

We develop customized programs that help teach personal finance, entrepreneurship and real-world lessons, tailored for each group of students.

at school

To learn more about school programs and how to participate, send us a quick note here including your contact information and the grade you teach and we will get back to you in 24-48 hours.

Our classroom programs are unique and powerful because we instill lifetime lessons cemented by emotional learning, through multiple levels of instruction that include:

Worksheets that offer enhance understanding