We are Fam-ess. Our name is an acronym that constantly reminds us that family should come first; you, as well as the company, should earn always, save often and spend wisely. But in the real world, those mantras are more easily said
than done.

If you work and have a family, you know that juggling both can be difficult. You need to work to support your family and the demands of your job can sometimes get in the way of what you want to do at home, with your family. You know that sometimes, earning potential can be limited to your environment, not your skill set. If you are like other Americans, you have seen times when it is hard to make ends meet. And, while you want to make the smartest decisions about spending as possible, your heart sometimes get in the way of your head. So how do we change all that?

We are changing the way people budget and think about their two most important assets,
time and money. But we won't let it get in the way of the most important thing of all: Family.

In order to Save Often and Spend Wisely, we collaborate with developers that help us modify our offerings in a lean way, that makes our dollars go farther. We create tools to help you instill money values in your kids to show that mom and dad work hard, and so should kids if they want to afford life’s little luxuries.

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But companies don’t run on fuzzy feelings alone. We also have to Earn Always. And while we strive to teach users ways they can think outside the box to make money on their own (kids: at home and in the neighborhood; adults: by tapping into their own talents to offer business services, create new goods, or by unloading their own unwanted goods for profit), we as a company do it by utilizing anonymous and aggregated data that helps uncover insights about groups pre-purchase interests. This is what helps us grow and helps pay for the development of FREE financial education programs and tools to be used at home and in schools so that everyone can have a better understanding of the impacts of their wants and make better informed decisions about what to do with their own money.

Similarly, we make every business decision about where we spend our money like it is our own, because we know how important it is to stretch every dollar of investment we have. That sometimes means delaying bells and whistles or slow rolling programs until we reach critical interest in a feature. No matter what we do, we try to find the most efficient path to a solution that continues to provide value to our users.

So, for all those reason, we named our company with this silly acronym to constantly remind ourselves of the mission our company has and the values by which we will build it. That way, we will never forget.

We are building this company for people (like working parents), who have amazing talents to offer, but limited schedules to do it all: have a career and raise a family. We contract with moms who are writers, editors and social media gurus, who work from home to help them put a little more money in their pocket on their own schedule (whether between nap times or midnight feedings, or while the kids are at school).

Once hired, schedules are determined by our “family first” mantra. Get your work done and give all you can to the organization, without giving up your family. We want our employees to be the ones dropping their own kids off at school, on the sidelines of sports games, and home with sick children who might need TLC from the best caregivers there are: Mom & Dad.

We have worked for employers in the past that have demanded round the clock hours, created stress and guilt around that “send them to daycare until the fever spikes” syndrome to be able to perform at that one “important” meeting, and require the mommy-daddy shuffle when two parents have to juggle multiple days off in a row. We refuse to do that (no matter how unwittingly) at our company. Family First. It’s just that simple.